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CONTINENTAL® has been designing, manufacturing and selling garments to the promotion, retail and music industry since 1994 and continue to lead the way in terms of innovation and design.

Ethical manufacturing has always been a key element in their diverse brand development and they maintain a close working relationship with the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION who continue to inspect their factories in Turkey and India for fair working conditions.

The origin of the cotton purchased for their garments has also been of great importance and their work with the Environmental Justice Foundation in highlighting the unacceptable conditions for cotton farming in Uzbekistan has been well documented in UK where they continue to have a leading roll in such issue.  

The list of brands and musicians that have stayed loyal fans of Continental is much too long to put in here, and it would make us look positively boasting (and some might even think it’s not true). So, we leave it up to you to discover the clothes so many are addicted to. 

Want to know more? Watch the video to learn more about Continental Clothing and our factory!